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About us

Salubrius Vita serves as a source of information on the latest topics in health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, beauty & care and lifestyle. We write expert articles with credible and verified information. We strive to provide readers with advice and insights from health and wellness research and help them lead a happier, healthier life.

What does Salubrius Vita mean?

“Salubrius vita” is latin for “healthier life”. This is exactly what we want to make possible for all people. Provide them with knowledge so that they can be the healthiest they can. Therefore, our motto is: “Start a healthier life today!”

About the website

This website started it’s work on November 2019. Firstly, two people where on the team. But each day our team get bigger and we gather healthcare and fitness professionals
who strive to provide access to information that our readers want to know.

We want to be accessible to our readers. So if you have any questions regarding health, nutrition, exercise, or similar feel free to contact us. Also contact us if you want to join our team and want to learn more about Salubrius Vita.

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Meet our team

dr. med. dent. Irena Pavlović

dr.med.dent. Irena Pavlović 

Irena is a dentist from Croatia, working extensively in her field, but she also has a high interest in fitness, nutrition, and medicine in general. She has been educating herself about how to lead a healthy lifestyle for years. She seeks to help people adopt healthy habits as well as healthy and positive thinking about life.

In her spare time, she hikes, runs, plays saxophone and guitar and develops her own websites – Salubrius Vita & GoalDigger. Her life motto is: When they expect a lot from you, you do even more.

Umar A. Nafada

dr. Umar A. Nafada

Umar is a doctor from Nigeria. He studied at Gombe State University in Nigeria MBBS, Distinction in Chemical Pathology.

He is passionate about sharing medical knowledge with others and has a lot of interest in oncology.

Umar is also a medical content writer. He started writing from medical school journals and blogs. For him, sharing correct medical information is the responsibility of every Medic. He is also a YouTube content creator. 

Umars’ social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Kendra Spear

Kendra Spear

Kendra Spear is a fitness blogger and online trainer specializing in metabolic resistance training and calisthenics. She aims not only to get people fit but also to get excited about fitness. This allows them to have the confidence and skills to improve life in all areas. 

Kendra has been a fitness enthusiast her whole life. She started with dance at a young age, then included sports, aerial silks, free weight resistance training, and calisthenics into her fitness regimen. She is interested in all aspects of wellness, including nutrition, alcohol and drug awareness, meditation, and intentional living. When not busy being a new mom, she creates for her fitness website Fitwitchery, acts, writes, and narrates audiobooks. 

Kendra’s social media accounts: FacebookPinterestYouTubeTwitter