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No matter how much you work out on those arms with all the exercises, drop sets, and weights you could, still, you might be lacking in getting that perfect arms or roundness and bicep peak. The Solution might shock you that incorporating the Arm isolator, Bicep blaster, or more modernly known as the “arm blasters” will actually work to get that inch or two to add to those arms.

As we know that from the old classics era Arnold Schwarzenegger’s been using these arm Blasters and had a physique comparable to those of greek gods, his bicep peak and symmetry was phenomenal, and he has been emphasizing to use the arm blaster to the young generation and even mentioned its use in the training module of his own “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding”. Arm blasters are undoubtedly bringing that next level to arms training and increasing muscle mass by focusing more on the isolation of the muscles. You must have looked at the Modern Jacked Physique athletes, namely Sergi Constance, Simeon Panda, Ulisses Jr. they all use the Arm blasters and no brainer; their Arms size and definition are at another level. Calum von Moger, The Arnold Look- alike uses the Arm blasters often in his arms workout and has realized the benefits of using them.

So you must be thinking how in the world does this piece of equipment do that. So let me tell you not to underestimate its power as it also works out on your triceps and can be used with barbells, dumbbells, and cable machines. Let’s get started.

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Benefits of using arm blasters

Concentration/isolate muscle

The Number one and the most important benefit of putting that arm blaster onto your torso is that it helps make that muscle isolation movement no matter whether it is a bicep or a tricep exercise. 

So you don’t need to find any machine or preacher bench to give that isolation movement to your arms, which is essential during your training to hit all parts of the muscle.

Restrict ego lifting or bad form

The equipment restricts you from doing those cheat curls or curling your biceps with a wrong form, the reason is it lockdowns your elbow movement, and hence zero to minimal involvement of your elbows and/or shoulder is present during your contraction of bicep /tricep movement.


The pump it could give you is unreal as the isolation movement helps in pumping all the right nutrients and oxygen to the muscle. Which gives crazy pump and veiny on the arms, Which is highly recommended to get that hypertrophy and blood flow to muscles.

Plateau break

The arm blaster helps you break that plateau to add strength to your bicep curls on the dumbbell as well on the barbell. With progressive overloading on the arm blaster, you would definitely achieve strength gains and break that plateau which you were not able to break.

Gain extra inches

The arm blaster will be giving you those extra inches which you always wanted and craved to get by trying all those bicep variations and will help in adding thickness to your triceps while doing cable pushdown movements.


The arm blasters would also benefit your forearms by providing some pump and effective movement to the brachioradialis muscle while doing bicep arm blaster curls.

Demerits of using an arm blaster

Pressure on abdomen

While using an arm blaster for the first time or with moderately heavy weight, you might feel pressure on your stomach, which is completely normal as it is the pressure exerted on the stomach due to this unusual elbow position. So, it is advised not to have a heavy meal before working out on Arm blaster and even restrict eating anything 1 hr before the workout.

No heavy lifting

There is a significant restriction on working with heavy bicep curls with an arm blaster, as you won’t be able to lift a decent amount of heavy barbell or dumbbell, which you may raise without those Arm blasters. If you like to go heavy on those arms, then you might not feel that arm blasters are a good investment or won’t give the feel of hitting the arms hard but instead is more focused on pumping your arms and providing you that fuller arms feel.

Focus more on lower bicep

It mainly focuses on the lower bicep part, which is the brachialis muscle of the arm, adding that thickness and giving you the roundness in your biceps. So this does mean that only relying on arm blasters won’t work for getting that ultimate biceps but will surely aid you in achieving those.

Does it really work? What science says

There are not any pieces of evidence or studies specifically done using arm blasters to check their efficiency. But these studies do put some light on the possible efficacy of using the old-school arm blaster to blast off your arms.

The first study was performed on healthy subjects by making them do pulley bicep exercises. Then observing their bicep muscle activity at different elbow flexion angles. They found out that at an elbow flexion angle of 55 degrees and supinated at 10 degrees showed a higher muscle activation of 1.2 times the length of muscle at resting position. which is almost equal in the case of using an arm blaster, where the resting position is nearly 50 degrees and supinated at 10 degrees out[1].

The other study relates to finding a correlation of shoulder angle on the bicep activation, and as a result, they found a higher muscle activation on dumbbell preacher curl in which the angle is near to the one made in arm blasters. The study also found out higher muscle activation during the eccentric movement in comparison to other dumbbell exercises[2].

How to use an arm blaster correctly

Things to ponder before working on arm blasters

  • Lockdown your elbows
  • Do not try to do cheat curls
  • Do not go super heavy
  • Try to concentrate on eccentric movements

Legendary arm blaster workout

Following is a sample arm blaster arms workout, to give you that extra pump and a shock to your arms. These exercises can be performed in the same order or can be mixed and matched in your other arms session.

1. Barbell biceps curls – 4 sets x 4-6 reps- Barbell biceps curls are the gold standard of bicep building and work as a topping on the cake when used with arm blasters.

2. Dumbbell biceps curls – 3 sets x 8 reps-Dumbell biceps curls are also very useful when worked on arm blasters. This would give an unreal pump when performed after barbell bicep curls.

3. Dumbbell hammer curls – 4 sets x 6-8 reps-hammers hits directly onto the brachialis of arms and thus hitting the most underrated arms muscle, which gives you a thick look from sides.

4. Triceps pushdown – Triceps pushdown on arm blasters is on another level as you restrict your elbows movement, and the whole pressure is exerted on the triceps. We suggest you use a v-shaped bar or a straight bar on the tricep pushdown machine.

5. Rope pushdown – Triceps rope pushdown will also restrict your elbows’ movement and make your tricep feel like a horseshoe on arm blaster. This exercise is also a must, during your arms workout.

6. Zottman curls – This exercise is a super workout finisher. Turning your arms into guns and making you feel like carrying strong massive arms. Perform this exercise at last with medium weights and use both arms at once, concentrate upwards, and slowly feel the eccentric movement downwards. 

Things to look before buying an arm blaster

1. The material used – The material of the body should be heavy-duty, mostly metal or ceramics. It should be of high tensile strength as a rope or wire would be attached to it to hang onto your neck.

2. Elbow grip comfort – The gripping area of the arm blaster should be sofand should not penetrate or cause irritation when putting your arms with weight on it.

3. Price – The price tag should not be too high; because of competition, they are pretty affordable and having mostly the same design and material used.

Arm blaster alternative exercises

Preacher curls

Preacher curls also imitate up to some extent of the arms blaster as your elbow is locked, and all the weights are exerted onto the biceps. This is the best alternative to Arm blasters.

Wall curls

Wall curls can also be performed to concentrate on the biceps muscle. Many powerlifters do this exercise to gain extreme strength gains. Still, this exercise requires some expertise and is a unique movement. I would say it is more challenging to perform for the first-timers as it concentrates on the biceps muscle directly.

Incline dumbbell curls

The incline dumbbell press is also a great exercise to perform on the peak of the biceps muscle and is an effective exercise to generate hypertrophy and optimal growth.


All the above-mentioned studies do show that there is a correlation between elbow and shoulder angles against the muscle activation of the biceps and forearms. We cannot deny the fact that all the old school bodybuilders used the arm blaster and breached its benefits, the new era athletes are too visualizing it. Our opinion on Arm blaster is very straightforward and justifying by giving the above examples, and one should definitely go for it as they are pretty affordable and worth that buck.

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