A DMHA pre workout supplement is a great way to get in shape. This is used by people who are lifting weights or doing other exercises in order to make their body strong. It gives the user an extra burst of energy when they need it most, right before starting their workout.

What is DMHA?

DMHA also known as 2-aminoisoheptane is a compound that can be found in natural sources such as the Acacia rigidula plant. It was first synthesized for use as a nasal decongestant and has been used to treat various medical conditions including obesity, high blood pressure, ADHD, erectile dysfunction and even cancer. 

How does DMHA work?

DMHA works by stimulating the central nervous system to improve focus and mental energy, leading to an enhanced ability to lift weights. The chemical structure of DMHA is similar to that of Noradrenaline (also known as NorEpinephrine), which makes it a powerful stimulant. As such, it can cause sleeplessness, tremors and increase heart rate.

The Recommended Dose of DMHA

Since DMHA is a potent stimulant, it should only be taken on workout days. The recommended daily dose is anywhere between 10mg to 50mg per kg of body weight. Do not take more than 100mg in one day.

How long does it take for DMHA to kick in?

DMHA is a fast-acting stimulant. It usually takes 30 minutes for it to take effect, so plan your workout accordingly.

What are the benefits of DMHA?

There are many benefits of taking DMHA supplements but most importantly, they can enhance your performance during weight training.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that make you feel less pain and more pleasure. DMHA supplements help increase the levels of these endorphins, allowing you to push harder during your workout for longer periods of time.

DMHA can also enhance cognitive functions such as memory and alertness. It may even decrease feelings of pain and increase libido. Bodybuilders have reported increased muscle pump and vascularity while using DMHA supplements. 

Other benefits include;

  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased feelings of pain during workouts
  • Better memory function (improved alertness)
  • Increase libido
  • Improved focus and mental clarity
  • Improved muscle pump and vascularity
  • Increased endurance

What are the side effects of DMHA?

DMHA is a relatively safe compound that has very few side effects when used correctly. You may experience slight nausea, headaches, dizziness or insomnia when you first start taking it. Stop taking the supplement immediately if you have any of these side effects.

There is no scientific evidence linking DMHA to serious health issues such as cancer, heart disease or birth defects. The Federal Drug Administration also has not listed any harmful side effects of DMHA supplements.

The Top 5 Best DMHA Pre-Workouts Of 2022

Crazy Mass DMHA 

Crazy Mass is an American company that specializes in producing supplements designed to help you achieve your fitness goals faster. Its Hype X Pre workout contains 100mg of DMHA per serving alongside caffeine and green tea extract to make it one of the best pre workouts without dmha. 

The supplement helps increase muscle recovery, strength and energy. The company provides a US-based number for customers to contact them if they have any questions about the products.

GAT Sport Strength Stack 

Another supplement made by a reputable company, GAT sports’ Strength Stack is one of the best legal DMHA pre-workout stack supplements without DMHA available on the market today. 

It contains a combination of amino acids and caffeine to help you increase your workout intensity while also increasing your body’s nutrient intake. 

The product stimulates the release of human growth hormone which helps build lean muscle, allowing you to lose weight faster. GAT sports provides a full money back guarantee if its customers are not satisfied with their order.

Wrecked Extreme

Wrecked Extreme is one of the best DMHA pre workout supplements that can be purchased legally without a prescription. The company’s supplements are designed with advanced research and development to deliver the best results possible. 

This product contains 150mg of DMHA alongside caffeine which helps increase your energy, endurance and focus during workouts. It also contains creatine which helps you gain lean muscle faster. This product is perfect for bodybuilders who want to cut down on fat while still gaining muscle mass.

Crazy Bulk 

Crazy Bulk doesn’t just provide supplements designed to increase your workout intensity, it also provides legal steroids that can be used by both men and women without any negative side effects. 

Each supplement is made using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and manufactured in an FDA approved facility. These supplements can help you achieve muscle gains faster, without any of the nasty side effects that steroids produce. 

You will need to take this supplement for at least three months before you see results. If you stop taking it once your results have been achieved, you will lose the muscle mass gained.

Raw Testosterone 

Raw Testosterone is a supplement that can be purchased without a prescription and contains 100mg of DMHA alongside caffeine,Vitamin D3 and L-citrulline for increased energy levels with no crashes in between workouts. 

Safe for both men and women to use, the product is easy to take and can be stacked with other supplements for even better results. The company provides a money back guarantee if customers are not completely satisfied with it.

Where can I buy DMHA pre-workout supplements?

You can buy DMHA supplements without a prescription on various websites across the internet. DMHA products are perfectly legal to sell and purchase. They are not classified as steroids or controlled substances, which means you won’t need a doctor’s permission to get them. 

Some of the best places to buy them include Amazon, GNC, Bodybuilding.com, Walmart and Ebay. Be sure to read reviews from previous customers before making a purchase to ensure the product will deliver the results you want.


Legal supplements are available everywhere. You don’t even need to get out of the house in order to buy them. 

It is important that you look for reputable websites when buying supplements, especially if they contain DMHA or any other ingredients that could be harmful if used incorrectly. 

Whilst these products are not illegal, purchasing steroids or supplements that were manufactured in unsafe facilities can be life threatening. 

As with any supplement, it is important to speak with your doctor before starting to take them, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions. If you follow the instructions given by the product’s manufacturers and eat a healthy diet alongside working out regularly, you will see fantastic results over a short space of time.


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