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Let’s talk about your bum. This booty workout isn’t only designed to get that butt sculpted and toned for summer! Read below to find out what other great advantages all those squats and jumps are getting you that you might not know about!

Many of us suffer from poor posture because let’s be honest, slouching and slumping at work is probably more comfortable than focusing on standing or sitting up straight all day. Your gluteal muscles, commonly referred to as your butt, serve you in many ways and are meant to handle large loads – like your body – but if they are underdeveloped, the weight is dispersed to less capable muscles. Weak glute muscles can also cause your latissimus dorsi to overcompensate which results in improper posture and can result in injury, back pain and even knee pain due to lack of stability.

Now let’s do this booty burning workout to keep your butt tight and toned so you can say goodbye to poor posture and pain! (And say hello to those cute jeans and bikini just in time for summer!)

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Let’s do this!

Both circuits will consist of 5 exercises. By the end, you will have completed 3 sets of each circuit. You will perform each exercise for 30 sec and rest for 10 to 15 seconds in between each exercise, 20 seconds of rest between each set and 60 seconds between the circuits.

You only need to use bodyweight alone for each exercise and it will be difficult enough but if you have weights and would like to make this booty workout harder, grab them now and get ready to push yourself hard today!

If you are using the suggested times, the workout alone should take you a little less than a half hour to complete. However, be sure to add on a warm-up of targeted dynamic movements of about 5 minutes and about a 10 minute cool-down.

Circuit 1

Sumo goblet squat

  • Begin in a static sumo squat with a wide stance and toes facing outward
  • From here, sink your booty back and down being careful not to let the knees fall over your toes
  • As you sink down, keep the weight at your chest and your elbows between your knees at the bottom position

Sumo squat pulse

  • Begin in a static sumo squat with a wide stance and toes facing outward
  • From here, sink your booty back and down to 90 degrees or below while keeping your chest up and not letting your knees fall over your toes
  • From the bottom position, pulse up without fully extending your legs for the full interval

Reverse lunges

  • Start at the top of your mat with your weights at your side
  • Step one foot back, creating a 90 degree angle with your front leg
  • Step back up and alternate legs while keeping weights at your side

Curtsy lunges

  • Start at the top of your mat and your hands at your side
  • Step one leg back and behind the other leg while keeping your chest up
  • At the same time, bring your hands in front of your chest or out to your side for balance
  • At the bottom position you should be putting equal amount of weight on both feet
  • From there, push up with both legs to bring yourself back to the starting position

Drop squats

  • Start at the top of your mat with your feet close together and your weight up by your chest
  • Explosively drop down into a squat with feet slightly out in the bottom position and sink your butt back and down while keeping your chest up
  • Don’t sit in the bottom position long and use your legs to pop back up into the starting position

Circuit 2

Frog pumps

  • Laying down with the bottom of your feet together and knees out and if you are using a weight, place it on your hip bones and use your hands to keep balanced
  • Squeeze your glutes to lift up and let your knees come slightly together
  • From here slowly lower down to start position

One-leg glute bridge with press

  • Begin by laying down on your mat, squeeze your glutes to a bring your hips up into a glute bridge
  • From here, lift one leg up and straighten it
  • Hold in this position while you press the weight up with the opposite arm

Standing lateral leg raises

  • Start standing with the weights or your hands at your hips
  • From here, lift one leg up out to the side and slowly lower back to starting position
  • Continue to raise and lower the same leg

Sumo weighted squats

  • Begin this booty workout with a wide stance squat with your weight out in front of you for counterbalance
  • Slowly lower, and let the weight touch the ground and push back up with your legs
  • At the top position be sure to squeeze your glutes

Glute Bridge Variation

  • Begin by laying down on your mat with both hands holding onto the weight over your head and your feet flat on the ground, knees slightly apart
  • From here, squeeze your glutes and thrust hips upward while also bringing the weight towards hips (keep slight bend in elbows) and back to beginning position

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