Chest and triceps workout for mass

Chest and triceps muscle groups are the most productive and they complement each other. The tricep is a secondary muscle group worked on while working on your pectoral majors and minor activation. You cannot do any chest exercise without involving your triceps in them, and this is the reason why these two muscle groups should be hit in one chest and tricep workout session to get those insane gains and induce muscle hypertrophy. The synergy of these two muscle groups also helps in building each other and enhancing your physique.

The chest is the primary muscle noticed in a physique, and your triceps make up 2/3 of your arm so keep in mind these two muscle groups play an essential role in creating that overall aesthetic look in your body, and we will help you get that popping chest and horseshoe triceps that will get you stairs in the public.

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Do chest and triceps need to be worked out on the same day?

The American Council on Exercise explains the benefits of compound exercises which include two or more muscle groups worked out during a single exercise, They have clearly mentioned that those help one in achieving increased calorie burn, improved intramuscular coordination, improved movement efficiency, increased dynamic flexibility and acted as cardiovascular activity.

Working with chest and triceps has also achieved results in lesser time, that too when using both the muscle groups in a single workout performed once or twice a week. It is a better option compared to hit those muscle groups individually once a week. The bench press is a crucial compound exercise involving the activation of the chest, shoulders and triceps muscles; to be a part of the movement.

What does science say?

A study showed that over the course of 24 weeks the muscle thickness increased significantly while performing a bench press training, after a 5-week mark for both the pectoral major, triceps muscles and increased to a mark of 15 weeks after which it got stable and hence showing the correlation of time duration of this exercise regime and the correlation of these two muscles[1].

Another study showed that the order of exercise in resistance training by training individuals with an order of different exercises (small group muscle first, Big group muscles first, etc.) and concluded that to attain hypertrophy and strength; the order of exercise does matter and should be arranged in order of priority of muscle to get affected by the workout routine regardless of the size of the muscle or the load born by it. When prescribed with effective variables like (load, volume, rest between sets) one can perform best towards resistance training[2].

This study showed a significant increase in strength (bench press) during high-frequency training compared to low-frequency training, but the increase in lean body mass was similar in both the studies[3].

Another big issue while performing a chest and tri workout is the utilization of which equipment is effective? either a dumbbell, barbell, Smith machine modalities and to our amusement, this study shows the effect of these exercises on tricep activation when performed in a chest – triceps workout; and barbell benchpress has come out as the most tricep activating when performed before triceps pushdowns in comparison to DB, smith machine[4].

Mayo clinic suggested using bodyweights exercises to add some hypertrophy, endurance and a shock to the body instead of using the traditional dumbbells barbells and machine.

So the point here being is to show the possible effects of different strategies and exercise regimes to maximize your gains in your triceps and chest muscles, As the chest being a bigger muscle group and activating the triceps with it; bench press being a compound king movement is used in most of the studies. Using a bench press in this workout is vital and helps kick-start your body metabolism before a killer workout and warming up your triceps.

The triceps extend your arm at elbows during bench press and other chest exercises, and all the tricep pushdowns make you gain strength to lift heavy bench press hence both are complementing each other to make gains.

The most effective science-based workout for mass: chest, shoulders and triceps

The supreme chest and tricep workout for mass and strength

This Chest and tricep workout is designed to give you the ultimate mass and strength by keeping all the studies into consideration. What has worked for most bodybuilders and athletes, we came to the conclusion of this workout which consists of training chest and triceps one by one and comprises a total of 6 exercises and a pre-stretching regime. This exercise routine is a high-frequency program i.e., to be performed twice a week. It should be performed for at least 10-12 weeks to get the maximum results out of it.

As the workout proceeds, fewer weights and more muscle isolation would be achieved, and the tricep would be exhausted until the last exercise as it would be pumped with blood flow, and any further exercise would result in its growth and development.

Benefits of this chest and tricep workout

Rapid gain in muscle mass – Pectorals and tricep brachialis.

Increase strength – You will gain a tremendous amount of strength in your chest and tricep movements.

Improved cardiovascular ability – This program helps in your cardiovascular capability as it consists of compound movements and lower time between sets

Easy recovery – The workout would consist of 3 exercises of each muscle, and hence the recovery would be easy compared to a fully focused single muscle group worked with 5-6 exercises.

High volume – You would be playing with higher volume on both the muscles as a one-by-one muscle group would be focused, which will exhaust the muscle less and put more volume (weight X reps) on it.

Best for beginners – Studies have found that this regime would be highly beneficial for beginners to intermediate level individuals and put on more muscle, strength to both muscle groups in less time.

Increased blood flow to triceps – As your triceps work during the whole workout, it would allow you to thrush in some extra blood and make you get that crazy pump and facilitate hypertrophy.

9 tips before chest and tricep workout

  1. Do not lock elbows at full extension during bench press movements will help in getting more tricep activation and pump.
  2. Do all exercises with proper form and technique
  3. Introduce drop sets at the last set of each exercise
  4. Do progressive overloading
  5. Warm-up and stretch muscles before a workout
  6. Take a rest of 45-60 sec between each set
  7. Dips are must at the end of a workout to give the muscles a burnout effect, and if muscles are exhausted, assisted dips can be done.
  8. Selecting a weight with which 12-15 reps can easily be controlled for the first set; Usually 70% of one-rep max (RPM)
  9. The workout should be completed within 60 minutes best towards 45 mins.

The workout

There are two parts to this workout; each piece is to be performed on different days with a 2-3 days gap between them.

Split one

1. Barbell bench press,

    Close grip bench(3X12)

2. Inclined barbell press, 

    EZ skull crusher(3X12)

3. Decline dumbbell press, 

   Tricep Rope pull-down(3X12)

4. Bodyweight Dips

    Tricep dips on the machine or use assisted dip machine (3X till failure)

Split two 

1. Barbell incline bench, 

    Close grip bench flat (3X12)

2. Peck decks or flat bench fly, 

    Tricep pulldown v-grip(3X12)

3. Decline barbell press, 

    Diamond push-ups(3X12)

4. Bodyweight Dips,

    Tricep dips on the machine (3Xtill failure)

The disadvantage of this workout would only be that the smaller muscle group(triceps) will get fatigued towards the end of the workout, but you need to keep up the weights and repetitions to get the amazing effect of this routine. We think it is also a benefit as this much strenuous workout will lead to muscle growth and help overcome size, strength plateau.


To conclude; this workout is based on proven results observed in individuals and studies and can help you in benefitting from this. Still, one should also try other exercises and regimes as all individuals are different and should go towards what works best for you. Yet, for beginners and experienced intermediate lifters; as seen from experiences, this workout can be included in your workout routine to feel the gains and witness the outcome of this science-tailored program.

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