Crossfit rows benefits

There is always that person who is always doing CrossFit rows in the gym or cross fit place. Well, that person either knows all the CrossFit rows benefits or is just one passionate cross fitter. But after reading this article, I am sure you would hop onto that CrossFit rowing machine as soon as you again go to your workout place. The cross fit rows would make you gain all those increased anaerobic, cardiovascular benefits and is easy on your knee joints and an overall strength builder.

The list goes on for its benefits and why it should be added to your exercise regime no matter your goal: fat loss or muscle gain. This is an exercise for everyone to maintain a healthy body and keep all those joints and muscles in movement. It is a compound movement, working on your legs, back, biceps, and all the major and bigger muscle groups. At the same time, cardiovascular exercise burns many calories in a short period. It would be considered a workout itself rather than viewing it in an exercise group.

Many athletes and cross-fitters have taken these cross-fit rows to the next level because many competitions around the northern Americas are taking place like the indoor CrossFit games. And they have gained strength and achieved fat loss by just doing the CrossFit rows for years, and you can look at their shredded physique and imagine the worth of this king of CrossFit exercises.

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Benefits of CrossFit rows

Fat loss

Fat loss is at the top of the list the reason being it increases your heart rate and anaerobic efficiency leading to a higher calorie-burning environment for your body and at the same time working on your muscles, leading to the entire stimulus required for fat loss. A short workout of about 5 minutes can exhaust you and burn a decent amount of calories compared to that on a treadmill running at high speed. This study shows the effect of CrossFit rowing on fat mass and body fat percentage and decreases in LDL cholesterol after performing it for 6 weeks[1].

Cardiovascular activity

The cardiovascular activity was significantly improved in overweight individuals who performed an exercise regime involving strength and endurance training. The following study did show that change against other performed exercise routines, involving only strength or only endurance exercises. This study shows how an exercise combining VO2 peak for strength + endurance exercise, over only strength or only endurance exercise is effective in increasing and improving cardiovascular activity[2].

Strength gain and trunk flexibility

This is one of my favorite reasons to do Cross Fit rows as it could make you healthy and increase your strength. Apart from that, trunk flexibility and back strength will add to your physique. This study has clearly shown the benefits of CrossFit rows on strength gains and trunk flexion on the subject’s who underwent CrossFit row workout regime[3][1].

Overall exercise for the body

This exercise is an overall builder and a full workout that gives you muscle activation in the two most massive and major muscles. Which are your back and legs, giving you overall strength and structure to your physique, it also works on your biceps in the row pull.


Crossfit rows enhance your endurance level when performed in high repetitions and give long-term endurance gains for your other exercises and activities.

Safe exercise

It is an overall safe and convenient exercise and can be performed at home with the right equipment and is easy on joints and tendons. As it is not involved with any barbells or dumbbells for weight resistance, it is a safe exercise, and the posture is very natural.

Lumbar spine motion and stiffness

This exercise helps in your lumbar spine mobility and alleviates stiffness in your lower back and spine through its lumbar and spine easy movement. It also enhances the blood flow in that area leading to a mobile lumbar spine.

Older can perform

The research found that out of the other conventional cardiovascular exercises, the CrossFit rows are a better option for older adults as it leads to lesser blood pressure and lowers heart rate increase compared to the treadmill and elliptical exercises. One study shows that for people aged around 60 years ergometry rowing exercise was better than treadmill in terms of increase in heart rate and amount of oxygen uptake[4].

Core activation

Rowing exercises have been shown to activate core muscles and obliques so you can get the abdominals of your dreams while just performing your cardio or rowing workout on this CrossFit row machine. Most of the cross fitters have a solid defined abdominal area, and that might be due to their high dependence on rowing exercises and their nutrition intake. This study shows the effect of different rowing exercises on your abdominal muscle activation and higher activation in machine rows than on free-weight rows[5].

How to perform the CrossFit rows correctly?

Crossfit rowing is the only exercise to hit most of the muscles at once.

First and foremost, you need to sit on the seat with your legs curved inside and grip the handle firmly. The weight must be moderate (or even low one should focus on high reps). Then slowly applying pressure on your legs and hands, you need to push through your legs and extend your legs but not fully extend as that might put pressure on your knees. As soon as your legs are opened at that time same time start rowing by pulling your arms and contract using your back and lats muscles. Then repeat the process for at least 10-15 reps and keep on increasing as you grow your strength and endurance.

In a machine rowing, the major muscle which works are your back, quadriceps, gluteus, and shoulder, and the secondary muscles are hamstrings, lat’s, calves, abdominals, obliques, and biceps, triceps. Crossfit rowing no doubt works on so many muscles and increases your heart rate, and for that, it surpasses the benefits of other conventional cardio exercises. Make sure to watch the next video to know how to properly do CrossFit rows and don’t do this common mistake.

Alternate exercise

Actually, there is no alternative to the CrossFit rows machine and its benefits but this one exercise known as ring rows CrossFit movement is very similar to the CrossFit rows and activates many muscle groups. In this exercise, CrossFit rings are used to mimic the movement. It comes into two variations one in which the feet are kept on the ground and the other is supine CrossFit rows in which your feet are on a bench or a box and is more difficult and more effective. Make sure to keep your body straight and use your arms and back strength to pull yourself towards the ring. The following tutorial shows how to perform the ring rows.

Workout splits for maximum output on CrossFit rowing machine

Fat loss

  • 1 min rowing interval
  • 8-10rounds

Following is a sample Fatloss workout

Strength build 

Take rest less than 30 seconds in between

  • Row 400 m Split
  • 30 pushups
  • Row 300 m
  • 25 push-ups
  • 200 m row
  • 20 push up
  • Repeat 2-3 times

General fitness preferable for elders

Rest two minutes in between

  • 3-5 min rowing X 3 times


Crossfit rows is a better and convenient option that comes with the benefits of both fat loss and muscle building. The best part is any age group can work on this exercise. If you are a crossfitter, freestyle fitness freak, or a bodybuilder this exercise will surely meet and exceed your fitness goals. Women would love to perform this overall physique builder exercise, it tones your butt and legs; on the same time, you can burn calories.

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