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Fitness isn’t just a plan you embark on, along with a diet, to lose weight. It’s a lifelong love of movement that will help you maintain good health and the physique you want. We cover various areas of fitness. All articles are based on scientific evidence, written and fact-checked by experts. We strive to be objective and honest, and present both sides of an argument.

Pin press

Pin press – Tips, benefits, variations

PinPress is one of the main chest exercises. In addition to the chest, the triceps and deltoids work to a lesser extent. The pin...
Latissimus dorsi pain relief exercises

Latissimus dorsi pain – Complete guide, exercises, recovery

Lats or the latissimus dorsi are the wings of your back that create a V-taper in your physique. Now, imagine what will happen to...
Reverse hyperextension benefits

Reverse hyperextension – Benefits, variations

So you are tired of doing all those hyperextensions to get the best lower back of your life? Noticing little to no change and even lower back...
Crossfit rows benefits

9 mind-blowing CrossFit rows benefits – Alternative, workout

There is always that person who is always doing CrossFit rows in the gym or cross fit place. Well, that person either knows all the CrossFit...
Rowing vs running

Rowing vs Running – Scientific answer

Rowing and treadmill are the best options for your cardiovascular exercise and boosting the fat loss process. Now the question arises which of these should you...
Best post workout meals for muscle gain

8 best post-workout meals to gain muscle

After working out heavy on those muscles or doing cardio to remove that extra layer of fat, one is always cravings for having a meal....
Lipozene review

A-Z Lipozene review – Natural fat loss miracle

Fat loss supplements and pills are in the industry for around two decades which claim to be the most effective and the safest option to increase...

BCAA vs EAA – Which is better for building muscle

BCAA is known as a very popular supplement for athletes looking to gain some size and strength. Especially in the bodybuilding community. You probably...
Vegan athlete meal plan

Meal plan for vegan athletes – No meat athlete nutrition

Veganism emerged as a way of life in the 1950s. It applies to all aspects of life, including nutrition, and the main feature is...
Knee pain while squatting

Knee pain when squatting – Causes and prevention

The knee joint is one of the heaviest joints in the human body. It is subjected to the greatest load, so there is often...
Two person holding drinking glasses

How does alcohol affect your weight?

Alcoholic beverages are obviously not a product that we will associate with a healthy diet and weight loss. Probably everyone knows about the effects...
Doctor palpates the knee of a patient

Running after knee replacement

Over the years, there have been improvements in surgical approaches, equipment, endoprosthesis design, and the materials from which they are built. There is evidence...

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