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In a world where fitness, nutrition, and dieting becomes an everyday for a lot of people, it is important to engage in the right regimes. Wrong regimes or out-of-place ones could very much be a waste of time and even more fearsome, yield other effects. One of the most practiced forms of exercises today is the CrossFit exercises. It is one which has divided opinions on its most glaring and attendant effects on the body. People ask a number of questions, one of such being “Is CrossFit good for weight loss”. This question, however, is not one which can just be answered with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as there are quite a number of factors to be considered.

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What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a set of high-intensity exercises and fitness regimes that features workouts from different fields of sports and exercises.

There is a real focus to position and body movements when taking in CrossFit routines. Major credence is given to flexibility and peak mobility when such exercises are being taken.

Crossfit nutrition

Is CrossFit good for weight loss

The CrossFit fitness routines are very much about nutrition and dieting as it is about the exercises. CrossFit nutrition is as essential to the potential results of the whole fitness program as the exercises are. Therefore, it cannot be overlooked or done inappropriately.

The CrossFit dieting varies with individuals as different body systems adapt differently to various intakes. However, there are generally recommended foods and classes of foods to be eaten when undergoing CrossFit regimes.

During CrossFit routines, you should eat lots of vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds and a few starch foods alongside a considerable amount of fruits. It is not proper or advisable to consume sugar during CrossFit. Intakes of the recommended foods should be taken in quantities that enable for maximal outputs during exercises. 

The advice is to use the 40-30-30 nutrition plan. This means your daily nutrition intake should contain 40% of carbohydrates and the Protein and Fat being 30% apiece.

Advantages of CrossFit

There are many benefits of CrossFit. However, we will only consider those related to weight loss here as is or the main topic of focus.

It burns calories

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A vast number of people who engage in CrossFit programs begin it with the the intention of burning calories and losing weight. The good news is, CrossFit does make for a loss in calories and weight.

According to research from the Wisconsin-La Crosse University in the United States, women who engage in CrossFit lose an average of 12 calories every minute. Therefore, the researchers would go on to conclude that “CrossFit works. Based on the high the intensity of the workouts tested, we conclude that CrossFit does a really good job of helping exercisers improve their aerobic fitness while burning a fair number of calories in the process.

Weight loss is a possibility

“CrossFit is one of the most effective workouts for weight loss,” according to the Spanish health practitioner, Carvajal. Weight loss is not the primary aim of every person when they decide to start a CrossFit program. However, for those who primary want to lose weight with it, there are good news.

According to D.R Ebner at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, there is a psychological weight loss effect that comes with the CrossFit program. “The community will keep you coming back. It’ll keep you on track and make you 10 times more likely to show up” he said.

With this, you might just feel like jumping into conclusion that CrossFit works for weight loss. However, you’d do well to read on and also find out the disadvantages of CrossFit.

Disadvantages of CrossFit

Here we will also look at the disadvantages of CrossFit as it has to do with weight loss. It is very important to know the cons of it before deciding to go into it.

Overstepping your limits

CrossFit programs generally come in batches and hence quite a number of persons take instructions from one trainer and do a particular exercise. This is not really an advised routine as not everyone in the group will have equal capacity to carry out the given exercises. Many times it leads to overworking fot the more inferior athletes. This is because most of the time the best athletes are used as the yardsticks for assigning exercises of different intensity levels.

Like it is generally known, too much of everything could lead from desired effects to unwanted effects. CrossFit, likewise, when not done right could bring side-effects such as high development of fats into body muscles which becomes the opposite of the previous aim of weight loss.

Wrong guidance

The average grade1 CrossFit only requires a two-day lecturing and an exam of 50 questions in a an oral question and answer session to qualify as a CrossFit trainer. And this is beginning to pose a real challenge as the number of subs-standard trainers continue to rise at a rapid rate which is very problematic. 

The wrong guidance is often the reason why overstepping your limits actually comes to the fore as those who are actually playing the role of trainers arent of the required standard. Therefore, they cannot really deliver with the necessary expertise and efficiency leading to wrong prescriptions and ultimately, side-effects.

Is CrossFit good for weight loss

When properly done, CrossFit is a very effective means of weight loss. However, it must be done propriate and with real expert recommendations to avoid horrendous side-effects.

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