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Although our website primarily promotes a healthy lifestyle, we know that life doesn’t just consist of food, exercise, and medicine in general. A healthy life is a balance between healthy habits, but also the enjoyment of daily activities. Here you can find some topics that are not directly related to health. However, they can very much contribute to the quality of life.

The effects of alcohol in pregnancy

The effects of alcohol in pregnancy

Many pregnant women consume alcohol in the first month, two of pregnancy, until they are even aware that they are pregnant. When the pregnancy...
Benefits of exercise to children

Benefits that sport and exercise bring to children

Nowadays, due to digitalization and developed media and video games, very few children are actively involved in sports. Virtual life in many children takes...
Everything you need to know about infant nutrition

Everything you need to know about infant nutrition

At any age, nutrition is one of the most important elements for sustaining life. Proper nutrition of the baby ensures the baby's fast and...

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